Sam joins the Expedition


I am Sam Janssen, a global citizen and currently a hotel management student at the Saxion Hospitality Business School in Apeldoorn. You could describe me as an energetic, motivated, spontaneous and open person with great ambitions in the international hospitality world.

Foto Sam


Beside sports, good food and wine I like traveling around the world especially on the African continent. Having enthusiastically travelled to multiple African countries in the past something happened: I simply fell in love with that continent. The wonderful people, the gorgeous culture, the huge diversity and the amazing nature of Africa have stolen my heart. The most memorable trip was in 2012 when I travelled by car from Nijmegen to Gambia for a charity project. During this project I experienced what the impact is for a single person and for the local community when their education system gets some support from the Netherlands.

With this in mind I start the expedition where I will be able to develop myself, working in an international and multidisciplinary team to add value to a local community in Kenya. Working together with professionals, students of UCN Denmark and students of Strathmore University in an African context will help to think differently and to develop a prototype of a new service. My goal is to present the solution that we will create during the Expedition at EuroCHRIE conference 2017 in Nairobi to assure that there is a true foundation for the established service. We will make a real difference!


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