Aitor joins the Expedition


Hi, I am Aitor and I study at Barcelona University.

I want to do the Expedition program because I think it’s very interesting. There are a lot of new things which I never did in Barcelona and it’s very motivating.

I love working with a team and this program could be a very good opportunity for me. Moreover I’ll be able to improve my English and meet new friends, not only Dutch friends.

I want to work to help others, and if I can do this while studying it could be very motivating.

On the other hand I want to do the trip to Kenia and study there, it’s a great opportunity that I want to take.

I think this program is a great opportunity for me to learn a lot of things.

I’m really prepared for this program. Professionally and personally, it is the right choice.

The satisfaction I feel when I do things right motivates me to give my best all the time. I enjoy positive feedback from a colleague for a job well done and I recognizes that people who respect me drive me to work harder.

I want a challenge and I think this program could be one of the best challenges of my life and I’m very motivated to start and I want to start as soon as possible!foto carnet bona


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