Saxion Expedition

A minor designing innovative solutions supporting a more hospitable society




The bachelor minor Saxion Expedition provides a learning space in which students are enabled to discover and share their added value in society as experts in hospitality and tourism studies and facility management, to carry out research and to contribute in projects requiring creative and innovative service solutions. The course entails:

Knowledge basis


  • Global Citizenship
  • Hospitality Studies
  • Creative Technology
  • Service Design Thinking
  • Reflection and team work
  • multidisciplinary teams
  • International teams


In weeks 1-10 the group of students (18 is the preferred number of students) work to develop a sound basis in the areas indicated above. There are weekly field trips and/or skype meetings, in which students communicate with prospective partners who will bring in issues to be addressed in innovation projects. These will all contribute to the mission of the Expedition, which is to create a more hospitable society. In week 8, students present their vision on the value of Global Citizenship and Hospitality for a more humane society. For a group of 18, there is an intensive schedule of lectures and workshops, with contact hours average 16 per week.

In week 9, teams of students will present their project proposals, including the rationale for the project and the proposed research methods, relevant to service design thinking. This part of the course may be executed in the Netherlands.

In weeks 11-20 the group moves to the “outpost”, a location outside the Netherlands. Preferably, this is a real working location, coordinated by a partner university. There should be respondents or prospective end users for the research and a client who is interested in the solution students will develop. During these weeks, students will be supported by expert coaches, who will guide them through the reiterative phases of observation—ideation—creation—prototype, as outlined in design thinking methodology. ( Expert coaches need to be well versed in these methods.

The outcome of the project will be a prototype of a service solution. Students will present this in a narrative form, in which they show how the end user will benefit from the solution and will experience this as a token of hospitality.


The minor includes 4 tests, which have been tested and approved by Saxion. Student and teacher instructions, assessment forms and assessor guidelines are provided by Saxion.

Test 1: Vision presentation: 6 EC’s

Test 2: Project Proposal: 6 EC’s

Test 3: Prototype demonstration: 12 EC’s

Test 4: Reflection portfolio: 6 ECT’s


We invite partner schools to join us in a collaborative set-up, such as the one outlined above. We welcome your ideas to further develop this programme.


For more information, please contact Bastienne Bernasco, Expedition Leader at Saxion Hospitality Business School, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Deventer, the Netherlands.


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