Teaching: Our New Value Proposition


Today, a group of HBS colleagues discussed the Expedition and what we saw as our new role as teachers. Here;s our wicked question of today and the harvest of our group think:

What should be our new value proposition as teachers?

We are evolving from… Sage on the stage …To Guide on the Side to…people in the network who are…

  • Expedition leaders preparing the ground
  • Generators that will keep the light burning
  • Sources of inspiration
  • Motivators
  • equals among students bringing in knowledge and experience
  • people who broaden their views
  • servant leaders among students
  • guides, helping students to become global citizens

As teachers, we should:

  • show real interest in students’ lives
  • design exercises that engage students in learning processes
  • make students curious
  • help them discover projects that matter
  • help them to collect and select relevant information
  • ask the right questions
  • create a safe environment to develop as professionals
  • help them awaken to relevant issues in society
  • guide the group process
  • bring out the best

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