Classroom Alive


Classroom Alive is a concept designed by a team of Swedish and Canadian students who took up the idea to walk from Sweden to Greece, doing research on the way. Each individual brought along their research question and the rhythm of walkin supported their studies. THey camped and met different people along the way, lecturing and sharing thoughts about their research. What if… our Expedition was actually like this? Inspirational!

“Classroom Alive – Sweden to Greece – was a 6-month walking studies across Europe. The studies allowed the students to take up their individual questions while bringing their search into open relationship with the diverse realities of the world they met along the route. The studies were based on the rhythm of walking. Like thousands who came before, from Goethe to the Transcendentalists, Classroom Alive recognized that walking as a medium is unique, in being both focused and open in the quality it imprints on the walkers thinking and perception. Out of the constant rhythm of walking (approx. 4 hours a day) the individual students courses of study were given a clear foundation. ​

The content of studies were formed out of the individual students questions and interests. Everyone brought their own areas of study (macro-economics, phenomenology, local food-systems etc.) and engaged them however they saw fit (reading books, creating exhibitions, writing essays etc.).

Throughout the journey their were different daily, weekly, and monthly structures that provided possibilities for students to deepen their research by themselves, to collaborate on questions with their peers, and to share their work with the world. These structures, as well as the journey as a whole, was stewarded by the Core Team (see below), who were in communication with students about joining the journey, and helped ensure that the decisions that were arrived at over the course of the journey best supported the health of the whole, however it was be up to all the students on the journey to hold the structures collectively.”

here is the video: Walking and studying from Sweden to Greece ​


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